Environment Web Sites



Portal site with links to information, games, lesson plans from all over the world. Sponsored by California-based group. Links to GlobalWarmingKids.net, a portal site just for kids.

American Museum of Natural History - Climate Change

Explore the ways people are changing our climate and what that means for our planet on this very cool website for kids.

Scholastic.com's Act Green! Website

Log in to fight global warming and help keep the world green. Earn points by playing games and keeping your own personal pledge.

Scholastic/AMNH Science Explorations

Learn about biodiversity, pollution, ecotourism, and more -- and participate in the Kids' Environmental Report Card. 

Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Website

Fun games and videos -- even Nickelodeon wants to help make our world greener! (at-home use only)

Planet Green

From the Discovery Channel, this website has information, ideas, news videos, and lots more. You can watch Planet Green on TV (local Cablevision channel 172).



Jefferson's Go Green Wiki

Log in and join the Jefferson School Green Team! (Need a password? See Mrs. Haas.)

National Resources Defense Council

The NRDC works to protect wildlife and wild places and to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth. You can even join their Green Squad -- kids taking action for greener, healthier schools.

Federal Climate Change Website for Kids

A U. S. government website just for children -- and all about climate change. Informative games plus links to actions you can take to make a difference.

National Geographic's Climate Change Website

This beautiful website has articles, quizzes, games, and more.


The magic number is 350 -- 350 Parts Per Million (PPM) of carbon dioxide (CO2) in earth's atmosphere. Find out how you can end global warming by helping reduce CO2 from 390 to 350. See 350 places and people threatened by our changing climate, beautifully captured by 350 professional photographers.

Fuel Our Future Now

Find out about cool, energy-efficient cars of the future. You can even design your own car!

Federal Earth Day Portal for Kids - http://earthday.gov/kids.htm

This government Earth Day website is just for children. Enjoy! Don’t miss the links on the left side -- to fun at home, in the classroom, and more.

Defenders of Wildlife: Kids' Planet - http://www.kidsplanet.org/

From facts to fun -- this site is about endangered animals. Get the Facts (information about dozens of animals on each continent), Wild Games (puzzles and quizzes), Color Your World (printable animals you can color)... even lessons about wolves for teachers (see Teacher's Table).

Earth Day at Kids' Domain - http://www.kidsdomain.com/holiday/earthday/

In addition to a short history of Earth Day, you'll find puzzles, postcards, games, activities, coloring pages, clip art, endangered animals to "adopt," and lots more.

Earth Day Network - http://www.earthday.net/

Earth Day Network coordinates Earth Day activities all over the world. Under Events, you'll find thousands of international Earth Day events to attend -- and even add your own local event. Find Change-a-Habit tips under Take Action.

Earth Science Enterprise: For Kids Only - http://kids.earth.nasa.gov/

NASA studies the earth, not just outer space, and has created this earth science site for kids and their teachers and filled it to the brim with information, lesson plans, and games.

The Wilderness Society - http://earthday.wilderness.org/kidsstuff/

Learn about the Arctic Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Join photojournalist John Dunne on a three-month trek (read his journal and enjoy his photographs) or take a bird's eye view of the refuge in Max's Grand Adventure. Who is Max? "Max is an American Golden-Plover. 


Family Education Activities- http://fun.familyeducation.com/earth-day/internet-education/35158.html?detoured=1


Japanese Television Reports - Live in English

Learn in English from local reports how the Japanese are coping with the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters.